Saturday, October 2, 2010

Up, Up & Away to the Mountains

CATSKILL LODGE, 350 Route 296 Windham, New York, 12496 Tel:1518-261-7150

Last year this time, me & my mum went away to our first Bed & Breakfast and I fell in love. (Seen here- ) I get such a great feeling this time of year with the crisp cool air, leaves changing colors and the delish fall flavors,we decided to take another mini trip to enjoy fall's arrival. This time we visited Hensonville, NY- up in the Catskill Mountains.

After a 3 hour bus ride from Port Authority in NYC, we arrived on the top of the mountains. With no car, we walked miles and enjoyed the small town and witnessed the breath taking views from our window and along side the road. Hensonville, is a tiny quiet town- it was the complete opposite of NYC. We were the only people out for miles, which was sort of creepy with NO Cell service. I seriously felt like a killer was going to jump out the woods or a fugitive from AMW was hiding out near by. It felt like we were in a totally different world. Sort of like a ghost town, most storefronts had "for sale" signs and many plots of land were for sale and abandon houses were of abundance.

The first day, we had great weather and walked into the next town and visited the local grocery store, gas station (Yes, the gas station-ha ha), pizzeria and restaurants. The clouds rolled in the next day bringing torrential downpours and flooding. That did not keep us in, we took about a 3 mile walk to the shops and local coffee shop in the nearby town of Windham and came back drenched. For the rest of the day we chilled in our suite with the jacuzzi and total silence until we went to dinner. On our final day, it was still raining and roads were flooded and closed, which made our trip back a rough one. Let's just say after a long wait in the rain and shelling out more cash we ended up on a delayed Amtrack train back to Penn Station and made it home to our babies.

Fall Foliage on way to B&B

Welcome to Hensonville, NY

Mom, we made it!
Hiking to Windham

View from our B&B Window
Clouds rolled in and the endless rain began...
Sure was a bit scarey!

Soaking in the jacuzzi, back in our B&B LOL

Asian Chicken from a local restaurant

One of the homemade breakfasts before we left for home
Cheers, til next time!

xoxO Rae

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