Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Launch Party Introduces Club Monaco at Shopbop

Last night Trois Femmes was very greatful for being invited to the Club Monaco launch at Shopbop event which was featured at Club Monaco's flagship store on 57th in NYC . The event was, I would say an eye opener starting with the massive double doors. I say that only because we never really shop at Club Monaco. Now they have unleashed the beast because the merchandise is just right up our ally when it comes to personal style. Simplicity done with just the right touch of edgyness. Both women and menswear made a statement. My girls and I had a great time and saw many items that would make their way onto our christmas list. Wait no longer and head over to shopbop to view the exclusive Capsule Collection which was made available starting today. Enjoy some fun photos we took at the event:

"The Capsule Collection"

Check out the party

Style yourself and take a picture and check it out on

We want to say thank you again to Michelle Goldstein for inviting us to take part in this event.

*Trois Femmes*


  1. thanks for the personal shout out! great post ladies. xo

  2. no problem! thanks for having us :) <3

    -Trois Femmes-