Saturday, November 21, 2009

York Street House Bed & Breakfast

York Street House Bed & Breakfast
42 York Street, Lambertville, NJ 08530
Innkeepers Laurie and Mark Weinstein
Phone: 609 397 3007 § Toll Free: 888-398-3199

Just a short bus ride from NYC's Port Autority me and mom took a little vacay from October 5th, 2009- October 8th, 2009 to the state of New Jersey. And the 2 of us has a ball. Here is a little of what went down in the small town of Lambertville...

Day 1 (Monday, October 5th)

The bus dropped us off about 2 blocks from the B&B. After checking out the house we put our stuff away and hit the small town for lunch. It didn't take us long to figure out we could walk around the entire town within 15 minutes and Mondays were not a happening day, most places were closed. Had lunch at SNEDDON'S LUNCHEONETTE. We both decided on the same, Manhattan clam chowder soup and Lobster Salad Sandwich. I thought the soup was great, piping hot and full of clams. My mom really enjoyed the sandwich but I thought it was too salty and creamy. But overall not a bad lunch. When I was paying the bill I spotted the marshmellow ice cream cones for 10 cents each on the counter. I had to buy us one each for old times sake. These cones were my favorite when I was younger, a bit small now hahha.

We then discovered a bridge we could walk over to the town of New Hope, PA which was more happening. Took a little stroll in New Hope (aka Hippie Town), had Apple Cinn. Ice Cream, which was yummy and went back to the B&B to hang out in the yard before heading for dinner at LOGAN INN followed by dessert to go from a deli on our corner (Bread Pudding for mom and Key Lime Pie for me).

Day 2 (Tuesday, October 6, 2009)

This was our first morning enjoying the breakfast here. This morning it was made by Mark and totally scrumpcious...

This was more of an exploring day in town. We went over into New Hope to the rail road station and looked around. Trying to find new places, ended up walking along the highway and spotted a WAWA convenient store, a school and not much more, so headed back and did a little shopping. Had our best lunch this day ay KARLA'S. Followed by a late dinner at a little Italian pizzeria in Lambertvile called NICOLA, which was horrible. Nicola's pizzeria had mushy pasta and really slow service.

Day 3 (Wednesday, October 7, 2009)

Like every morning we started our day with a cup of joe from the corner deli and took a little stroll before breakfast was served. This mornings breakfast of a peach/blueberry cobbler and fritata served with home fries was cooked by Laurie and was more intriquite than the previous breakfast.

This day brought us a long "River Walk", where we were saved by some random guy from a snake attack, to a little market followed by a light lunch in Lambertville Station Restaurant. And tonight we went out with a bang with a dinner from Mortine's, which was great. The waiter was a twin and it reminded me of my bro and my chicas who I started to miss.

To end out last full day, I enjoyed a hot bath in our footed tub and took some pictures around the room and ended it with a huge slice of chocolate cake.

(Day 4, Thursday, October 8th, 2009)

Our final day of our escape from the city started with our daily coffee run and a stroll through town before devouring our last breakfast presented by Laurie. This morning we enjoyed pancakes, which surprsingly, my mom loved and a tiny pear pastry. We ran into town one last time to pick up a b-day gift for my grams in a local chcolat shop, THE CHOCOLATE BOX. You can tell by the sign in the window what a laid back town it was, not having a set opening time, which would never fly in NYC. Before you knew it we were on the afternoon bus back to the port authority and home to our puppies. Can't wait to go again!

~xoxO RAE


  1. so i lingered twice as much on average at the pic foods
    i might have a
    love the last pic
    looks like good times

  2. Thank u Dejanae. Food was most def. a highlight of the trip!