Thursday, October 28, 2010


"ITS HERE" finally, soo exciting. Its the best feeling when something that your expecting comes when your not even thinking about it. It didn't even come to mind when I came home to see a Fedex notice of a failed first attempt for delivery, maybe because I had a long day. I just waited for my sis (shirl) to come home and then we drove to Fedex to pick up our package. Ten minutes later my sister is doing a little dance on the side walk with a big smile on her face. And then she says it as she's opening the car door. First: AAAAAHHHHHH Second: Immediately text Rachel. I can't believe it, two months later...well worth the wait. Definitely "GRAND PRIZE WINNERS!!!". To view our winning post click here. THANK YOU TO COACH FROM TROIS FEMMES.

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