Thursday, October 14, 2010

Casual Look

Lately we've been talking about creating more posts with pictures of us and I just thought that this was a good day to start. This will hopefully make our blog a bit more personal and give our followers a chance to get to know us a bit more. There will definitely be more posts like this to come. Because we are not with each other everyday makes it just a little harder for us to take pictures together but don't worry we will find a way.

Love the detail on this sweater

(sweater & scarf: H&M, leggings: Mystique, boots: Steve Madden, sunglasses: Raybans)

Thanks to Destiny for taking these pictures for me. You can see her featured in this post here. She followed my direction very smoothly :).



  1. I love this look, especially the scarf! Thank you for being so patient, ill be putting up a lot more posts now! xo

  2. aww thanks, will be looking forward to your posts.


  3. Cool boots and scarf.. It's always good to put some pictures of yourself.. makes the reader feel more connected

  4. Super cute!! Love, love, love the scarf. xx

  5. hey babe thanks for your sweet comment

    following you now


    keep in touch

  6. thanks ladies!! looking forward to your new blog posts :) <3

    -Trois Femmes-