Monday, October 4, 2010


Despite the horrible weather that we have been experiencing for the past week over here on the east coast, it's good to see that fashion has not taken a back seat. I work in a not so fashion savy office environment but this outfit that one of my coworkers (Viktoriya) wore really caught my attention. These days its hard to distinguish which season we are in but this look I feel puts us right in the middle of summer and fall. It was soo sad to see summer go but that doesnt mean you can't mix and match your seasonal wardrobe.

The one thing missing from this outfit are a pair of shoes that are not flip flops, hey I did say it was a horrible weather week. Here are a few options that would look great as well as be weather appropriate for this look.

Larner from Aldo $80.00

Ashby Buckle Detail Clog Boot from Topshop $180.00

Inddigo from Steve Madden $119.95



  1. Hey girls, thank-you so much for dropping by and for the kind words about my art. I can't believe we share the same birth date and birth year, wow!! Great to see your blog as well. Can't wait to see more. Meagan

  2. i know its crazy!! :)
    same here..look forward to more posts ..i like your post cards!! im a graphic designer, but i do enjoy drawing as well (for fun haha) im gonna enter the sea of shoes contest..i hope ours are one of the selections! :)