Saturday, October 16, 2010

Snap, Snap, Snap

I was in cleaning mode and came across an old photography portfolio from my digital photography class at Baruch College. This was for our final project, which was inspired by different fashion catalogues and ads I came across in magazines. For example, Marc Jacobs ads (circa 2007) shot by Juergen Teller,who I adore. One of the ads featured model, Iekeliene Stange with just half her body photographed w/ her hair covering her face. -This was the route I took and chose to have simple backgrounds and decided to crop images while shooting and not with photo shop. I liked the black & white concept with just using hand coloring and color balance a few times. Some of the models may look familiar *wink*. Enjoy!

-xoxO Rae


  1. Rachel, that last photo is SO good. Very interesting. Good work!

  2. Thank you, Pinar! That is one of my favs! =)

  3. this photos are amazing!!! I wish I had been over there so I could have been used as a model D:
    And by far the last one is my favorite <3

  4. Thank you Genie. Yup, I would have used u as a model too! xo