Saturday, June 12, 2010

Prom For Less "REVISITED"

Early last month May 5, 2010 to be exact Rae did a post called "Prom Dresses For Less". Well, funny story Wednesday June 9, 2010 I went to the mall with a friend of mine, Keisha to shop for a prom dress for her daughter Destiny's junior high prom. And where did we end up, Forever 21 of course. After trying on dress after dress she finally went with the last dress that fit her petite frame perfectly even though she refused several times to try it on but she gave in eventually. I can be very persuasive and when I have a vision it's hard to step away from it. You would of thought that i had a daughter going to prom. I can't help it, any chance I get to style someone I'll take it. But here's the kicker the shopping trip was soo last minute that I didn't even think to refer to Rae's list from Forever 21. Destiny ended up choosing the second look from Rae's list, The Taffeta Ballerina Dress. My sister was the one who brought it to my attention the following day while she was at work doing her daily check of our blog :). Could it have been fate, lol, ok no it was just a coincidence. Check out the look we came up with in literally two days that screams Destiny's personality to a "T". Soo glad we didn't go with the Tiara girl :). Destiny danced the night away at her prom on Friday June 11, 2010.
Shoes: Domiano from SPRING
Headband: Anna Belen (no website available)
Necklace Earrings Bracelet & Purse: Her mom's jewelry


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  1. Werrk Destiny! Loves it. And since she wore it already, may I borrow it? hahaha
    -xoxO Rae