Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from Trois Femmes

Trois Femmes would like to wish all of our readers and followers a very Merry Christmas. We hope Santa brings you everything you wished for. Enjoy!

*trois femmes*

Here is a look back at our 2008 Christmas Dinner. Blast from the Past! (Thanks for the idea, Meag)


  1. Wowowow you girls really have known each other through the years. You all look adorable. Rachel I love your bangs, so sweet.

    Meag xx

  2. Yup since we were about 14 years old!! time really flies!!!
    I loved when Rae's hair was super short!!! I know she was those pics somewhere lol


  3. Thanks Meag. I loved em too but you know, it is never cut the same way twice *sigh*

    Shirl-i really liked it short! We should do a post on our many hairstyles. LOL