Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blizzard Conditions

It may have been a day late, but the East Coast was given a white Christmas! It started coming down December 26th while me & the ladies were hosting our annual X-Mas Brunch (more on that later). Within a few hours and overnight we were blanketed with more than 2 feet of snow. Travel came to a hault here in NY, with MTA having suspended service and all buses and trains. I was blessed to have been able to stay home for the past 2 days but tomorrow I have to hike to work. Here are a few photos I snapped on my phone, while venturing out into the storm.

View from my dining room window. No steps!

A perk on staying home. A hot homemade breakfast!

Twinny shoveling his car out, still stuck!
Taking a stroll in the neighborhood, nothing keeps me & mum in!
Walking our narrow path

Can be beautiful in some spots; the local church

The Sun!

Yikes! Trapped!

Let's climb the mountain of snow!

Our street, not plowed for 2 days!

Can't get to work!

No pizza for us! Dominoes is snowed in!

Fire hazard!

A Sea of Snow

xO Rae


  1. I didn't go out until today -- cabin fever finally got to me! I don't know what I'm going to do about work if trains/buses are suspended tomorrow... Good luck with your hike! (if it comes to that)

  2. How'd u make it in? I got there a bit late, but I MADE IT! Haha : )
    xO Rae

  3. I got in late too, but I originally called in saying my trains weren't running. The B/Q were like the only ones that were still suspended! Good thing I kept checking if the trains started up.

  4. yikes!!! n__n just looking at those pictures make me shiver lol But I do loooove the church picture. It looks beautiful!

  5. The trains are a mess. Now they are all wet and gross. Ewwwww LOL...My mom luvs the church photo too!
    xO Rae