Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Where in the Concrete Jungle Will Trois Femmes Pop Up?"-BK Bowl

(Shirl's Outfit: sweater, tee and tights-Forever21; boots-Steve Madden...Rae's Outfits: Vintage Earrings; Anthropologie Vest; H&M jeans and top; boots from HK...Sherr's Outfit: top & tights-Forever21; tank-Rainbow; boots-Steve Madden; scarf-Urban Outfitters; socks-Hanes) We are 2 weeks into January 2011 and we present to you our 1st installment of, "Where in the Concrete Jungle Will Trois Femmes Pop Up?". Our first stop is Brooklyn Bowl, located at 61 Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The reason for our visit this Friday night- good food, friends, bowling, oh and did I mention Solange Knowles was the guest Deejay again! (I have been a fan of hers wayyy back in the day when she was dancing backup for Destiny's Child, what a multi-talented, free spirit-Love her!) She makes BK Bowl a frequent stop and we enjoyed Solange back in June 2010 and she had us boogieing down once again on this Friday night, where it is only a 21+ crowd on Friday's.

While we waited to bowl on one of their 16 lanes, we had the choice of going to their bar, dancing to the 1's and 2's or grab a bite to eat at Blue Ribbon Restaurant located in the bowling alley. And that is just what we did before heading to the lanes to whip those balls down the alley. Trois Femmes were joined by our chica, Tye and good friends Jade and Dorian....which I might add, I whipped all their behinds in bowling-see the scores below! But this night was not about competition just catching up with old friends while having a carefree, good ol' time, listening to Solange take us through Classic Funk hits and 90's Jams. Can't wait to go back!

Jade & Dorian's Vegetable Basket

Jade & Dorian's Hummus w/ olives, tomatoes and Pita

Shirl's French Bread Pizza, "the Classic"-tomato, fresh mozzerala & basil

My French Bread Pizza, "the Theresa"-butternut squah, mushrooms, roasted garlic

Sherr's French Bread Pizza, "the San Gennaro"-sausage, mozzarella & peppers

Jade & Dorian's BLT w/ olive oil mayo on toasted country white w/ fries

Tye's Brooklyn Bowl Beef Burger Deluxe w/ American cheese & fries

Tye's Vanilla Milkshake w/ an extra wide straw

*trois femmes


  1. love the pictures!! Looks like you girls had fun in that bowling alley ^__^

  2. Love this, will definitely have to check it out when I'm back in NY.

  3. Girls I've nominated you for my stylish blogger award. I hope that's okay. Check it out in my post here!!

    Meag xx

  4. Hi I see that Meagan have already nominated you! Either way I'm nominating you too here:

  5. Hey Meag & Sarah, thanks sooo much! We really appreciate the luv! xO

    Meag- Will check it out right now. And let us know when you're in town, maybe we can all hit up BK Bowl together?

    xO Rae

  6. I see everyone other than Rachel bowls like me.

  7. lol, im not much of a bowler clearly :)