Saturday, January 1, 2011


The ladies of TROIS FEMMES-Shirl, Sherr, Rae (Me)

It has become a tradition on New Year's Eve for me & my mom to host a little get together at my house to ring in the new year. The usual crew all showed up (minus my twin bro, who fell asleep way too early!), we had great laughs and an array of h'orderves to munch on. Always great for us to meet up under one roof, since we're all busy during a regular work week. So blessed to have such great family and friends, who get along and can laugh together.

Shirl's Outfit: H&M blazer & tee; Forever21 tights; Aldo Boots

Rae's Outfit: Forever21 Mickey Top, earrings; Converse Pants; Steve Madden Booties

Sherr's Outfit: H&M shirt dress, tank and tights; Lanvin for H&M heels

Shrimp, Nut Mix, Veggies w/ drip, Fruit, Cheese & Crackers, Pepperoni, Fresh Mozzarella & Tomatoe, Cookies and Cream Puffs

Waiting for the guests to arrive!

The Hosts-Mom & Me

Great Convo w/ the ladies

Grams Waiting for the Ball to Drop!

Tye (w/ my Yorkie-Banana) & Shirl

JJ & his cuz, Junior
Mr. Monk (our Malti-Poo) & Mom

Us ladies trying to hold it together for a quick flick

Tye, Sherr, Shirl, & Rae (Me)

We would like to thank you for the support of our blog in 2010 and Trois Femmes can only hope for your continued love in 2011. Many more posts to come.*Cheers*, to a great 2011. Let's give em something to talk about!
*trois femmes*

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  1. lovely photos!! :) happy new year!

  2. Thank you and Happy New Year, Kat. =)
    xO Rae

  3. I love the F21 Mickey top. You all look fab. :)

  4. Hope you had fun. Shirley I love your blazer. Anything studded is my fav.

    Meag xx

  5. Lovely photos, your blog is lovely!!!)))

  6. thank you annushka!! i love your blog :)