Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Inside Out?

I came across these jeans while flipping through my magazine and thought this was such a clever idea...reversible denim jeans! Of course I said myself, why didn't I think of it first?! The master minds behind "Bleulab" had beat me to it. LOL! They patented their classic skinny cut reversible jeans, made out of a single piece of denim and added a zipper that works for both sides-genius! BleuLab reversible denim jeans retail for $158 and you can buy yourself a pair at Revolve Clothing.

This is like buying two pairs of jeans for the price of one! And who doesn't love a "sale"?! The reversible denim would save a lot of space, and would be a great addition to many New Yorker's closet with minimal space and for those travel bugs that need to pack light! My favorite pair are the, "Reversible Porkchop Skinny" in Resin Bleu (seen above), one side black and the other is blue. Which pair are your fav?

*trois femmes


  1. I love this but I would be worried the indigo would dye my legs?!! You know how new jeans dye absolutely everything?

  2. i hear ya!!! but i do love the idea :)


  3. Yup, I always get a new pair of light Blue undies when I wear some new jeans, haha!
    xO Rae