Sunday, November 21, 2010

Game Face-Lanvin is out in H&M!

Saturday-November 20th, 2010, the day Lanvin hits H&M stores acoss the US. Me and my ladies hoped in the car and made it to the H&M on Lexington & 51st street in NYC about 7:30am, in hopes to get our hands on the Lanvin for H&M Leopard shoes! The line was not too bad, we were smack in the middle. About 10 minutes later, employees were handing out complimentary croissants & coffee (from this cool looking backpack that we agreed is a must have! LOL). Then came the rules and wristbands for the women's collection (Men's collection was up for grabs to the masses)- Each wristband was color coded with the store code and a different time you were allowed to shop the collection (every 15 mins). This was to make it fair to the shoppers and prevent people from store hopping from one H&M to another. There were a few who tried to sneak there way in line to get more items with wristbands from other stores. Our time was 10:45am and no earlier! We nervously watched the collection dwindle, right before our eyes. The Sunglasses gone, with a blink of an eye. By the time our 10:45 slot was called to venture into the roped off Lanvin area, a lot was gone. We managed to pick up the last pair of Leopard shoes in a size 8, red lipstick and each of us got one of the totes, to support UNICEF.
xoxO Rae


  1. Wow this is totally insane!! Every blog is talking about their experiences with H&M and Lanvin and I feel like I slept through the whole thing lol. I love the shoes you got and I adored one skirt he did with the big ruffle. Apart from that I was a little underwhelmed. Not to mention $200 per dress for a diffusion line seems absurd no?! Sorry for the rant. You girls did a great job covering it. The best I've seen thus far. How else would I have found out about the coffee backpack haha.

    Meag xx

  2. omg they were serving breakfast and all! that's crazy!! and here i am going last night to avoid the lines and when i get there the girls at the store were like "ummm honey it sold out" lol oh well to hear that you guys got some!

  3. lol yanil, it might as well have been sold out because i didnt leave with anything even though we got there pretty early...SO I THOUGHT


  4. Thanks Meag! Yes, that backpack was brilliant! =)

    Yanil- I would keep checking H&M sotres, u never know if someone may return something!

    xO Rae