Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby, It's Not Too Cold Outside

It's when you're all bundled up and take your first step outside, you realize you are overly dressed! These past few days in NYC have been unseasonable mild. Usually once Halloween arrives I don't leave home without a hat. This morning, the heat from the radiators filled the house-so I thought it would be a chilly start to the morning. I was wrong, today was another gorgeous day. I may have been a bit bundled with a hat and scarf but I'm sure not complaining about the mild air. Let's hope it continues for a bit longer 8)
(H&M Scarf, Jeans and Shirt; Coach Boyfriend Bracelet Watch courtesy of Coach; Forever21 Hat; Vintage Belt; Shoes bought at a boutique on vacation in New Hope)

xoxO Rae


  1. Oh my, your hat! Is it a turban? Have you seen this?: http://is.gd/haUW2 I love the idea of wearing it but dare I be so bold...?

  2. Yup, oooo luv that 1! I say, go for it! =)
    xO Rae