Friday, November 12, 2010

Coach Holiday 2010 blogger Campaign in Soho

Definitely a fun night. Virgos that we are, we arrived at the event five to 7:00pm and the party was already on the move. We really appreciate the opportunity Coach provided to meet other bloggers like ourselves who have made a mark for themselves. Reading their blogs everyday and seeing them in person was really surreal. So captivated by the night we almost forgot to snap some pics with the bloggers but of course we managed to capture a few. We wanted to take part of every inch of this event, starting with making our own custom flip book which you can see below. Then we proceeded to mingle and do what we do best as bloggers "TAKE PICTURES". And finally the ultimate decision of the night Rae decided to take advantage of the 25% off and purchased the "Liana Boots" which you can get here. HOTTNESS!!!! I know that made her night. All the bloggers and staff were so nice and made the night even better. It was especially nice getting to meet Jenna aka @coach. ( I hope I spelled your name right :) ) Her bubbly personality just filled up the appropriate for COACH POPPY, just a fun and cheerful collection. Have a look of the night thru our pictures:

keiko lynn with kimberly grace

Gala Darling chit chatting away above :) her blazer!

rae making that very EASY decision...good choice chica

with kelly from the glamourai

posing with keiko lynn from KEIKO LYNN

shopping with a glass a wine :)...can there be anything better

check out to view all the collections :)



  1. This is amazing girls!! You should be so proud. Looks like it was a blast. Also, totally loving your new prof pic, super cute. Meag xx

  2. Its too bad I didn't meet you girls, you all look like so much fun. You caught me in the second pic by the way, I am the chubby girl in the stripes behind Kieko. I am trying to get a lifestyle blog started come check it out.

    Nicole ♥

  3. Hey Meagan it was a fun night..maybe one day we will be one of the bloggers on the Holiday Campaign!! lol..thanks...we felt like it was time for a profile pic change :)

    Hey Nicole
    We were so close lol great night for all bloggers :) I will definitely check your blog out!! thanks for checking ours out :)