Sunday, September 5, 2010

The "Mac Clutch"- Rebecca Minkoff

What a breath of fresh air!! I'm what you call the big bag lady so this clutch is perfect, it's not too small like some clutches tend to be and it will fill my big bag lady things. I love how it's versatile...literally day and night with adjustable straps. Can we speak about the color :) despite the fact that I am bias to my favorite color BLUE, this is just the right shade (electric blue/ antique silver hardware). I see another birthday present that's about to make it onto my list. This one, I will make fit into my budget :)'s ok to splurge once in a while especially when it's your birthday. Stay tuned to see if the "MAC CLUTCH" makes its way into my collection. *sherry*

Read more about it here and check out what celebrities share interest


  1. Totally love this clutch! I just bought a Red leather Minkoff Lover's Clutch which is kinda similar but with a pretty wood handle for a steal. I also found four colors of the Lover's Clutch on big time sale price plus an additional $15 off using code RM15 at

  2. wow thanks for the tip..cant wait to check it out:) sherr