Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jill Stuart Spring 2011 Outside The Tents

Once again Fashion Week rolled around but this season was very different. As we all might know by now it has moved from Byrant Park to Lincoln Center. I guess there were too many trees and not too much structure :) j/k. For my girls and I that meant new strategies and routines. We knew the entrances and exits of Byrant Park like the back of our hands. Whether we were at school or work Byrant Park was just the right distance away for us to catch a glimpse of the action. Thank God for the luxury of coming and going while in College. I remember us speeding back and forth during classes to bryant park to capture the madness of fashion around us. Hot, cold, rain or snow we were at the tents. At times when I look back at those memories I wonder how we made it during the cold weather because it was brutal to the point where we couldn't feel our fingers and toes under the many layers we were wearing. "DEFINITELY AN EXPERIENCE" Oh and did I mention that we were outside the tents, though we wanted to be inside soo bad, being outside was good enough...we appreciated every minute of it even though we did get on the bad side of many paparazzi"s. "GOOD TIMES" When the three of us are together, there is no stopping us. Many fun memories at Bryant Park, I guess Lincoln Center will have to bring us new ones starting with Saturday 9/11/10 when we went to catch the action outside of Jill Stuart (which was held at the David Koch Theatre)...and it was just like old times. Here are some of our shots.

Kim Kardashian

Jonathan Cheban

"DISSED BY DISICK" haha let me tell you this woman her and two daughters deserved to be shut down...they were way too pushy trying to get there photos (not respectful)

Kourtney Kardashia and Scott Disick
Jessica Szohr

Perrey Reeves
Kristin Cavallari

Amber Heard
Shantel Vansanten

Tinsley and Dabney Mortimer
Taryn Manning
Samantha Swetra

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