Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Fenton D.I.Y. Necklace from Dana Lorenz

Back in August, I just randomly entered a giveaway by Refinery29 called DIY Fenton Necklace in 4 steps. I'm on the site everyday, so I saw the post while browsing and entered because I'm obsessed with jewelry! You basically had to post a pic of your fave Fenton piece on the R29 facebook page. Then the R29 editors would choose their fave. So I went to Dana Lorenz site, the jewelry designer behind Fenton, and I had the hardest time choosing hahaha... I loved every piece! I finally chose and posted, then on August 16, I was announced as the giveaway winner. Yesterday, I got my D.I.Y. pieces and I can't wait to start. The "After" post will be coming soon..I'm still brainstorming on how I want to put it together. :)

This is the piece I chose as my favorite from the site :)
This is my D.I.Y. necklace that came in the mail!
My note from Dana :)



  1. You ladies are always winning things! Congrats on your necklace, Shirley

  2. Thank you! haha..we just enter them and hope to win :)
    You should enter some..its fun!