Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fashion Night Out- NYC

Once we turned the calendar's page to September, the e-mails kept flooding in about "Fashion Night Out". To kick off NYC's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, almost all stores in NYC had different events going on, September 10th from 6pm-11pm. All around the world, it was going Down for Fashion Week! Whether you lived in Japan, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece and more-you had to make an important decision on which event to choose from. Here in NYC, a lot of the events had celebrity appearances, Guest DJ's, champagne and cupcake snacks, giveaways and sales. And forget about jumping in a cab that night, the city was like a glamorous Halloween night with fashion and people everywhere. Here is what me and my girls hit up-

SAKS FIFTH AVENUE: Rebecca Minkoff and Artist Logan Real
At Saks, Rebecca Minkoff had a few different things going on. If you purchased one of her fab bags, Artist, Logan Real would personalize it w/ a monogram. And not to mention a free gift with every purchase.
But what we loved was the opportunity to win a "M.A.C. Clutch"! Even though we failed, running around the whole store trying to find the lady wearing the M.A.C. was adrenaline pumping. Rebecca would tweet a photo of a lady wearing the bag & what floor she was on, every 15mins, and you had to be the first, within arms reach, to "Jack her MAC". Most of the winners already had a M.A.C. bag and some even won twice! Maybe I'm a bit bitter since we did not win, but was that fair? Give someone else a chance. Till next time-Hahahaaaa =)
Find her!!!

Cesare Paciotti: Kelly Rowland
Once I heard Kelly was going to make an appearance at Cesare Paciotti, I knew we had to run over there to see her. We hoped in a cab and was moving at snail's pace but finally made it there. The store was tiny, so I waited outside to greet Kelly. After waiting a good 30mins, my girls left to go to the Reiss Event in Soho, I stayed and got to see my chica! Kelly greeted us all with hugs, smiles and pictures. She is always gracious and kind-what a lovely lady. Then inside she went to shop and mingle.
Me & Kelly w/ matching lips

Reiss: Coco Rocha
Sherr and Shirl hit up Reiss in Soho-where cocktails were served, a DJ played tunes, you received a 10% discount and free gift with a purchase. What made it even more special was the appearance by the face of Rimmel, Coco Rocha! Rimmel London was on hand to do makeovers and you can show off your new look inside an in store photo booth.
Coco shopping

-xoxO Rae

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