Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spelling Mania on the East Coast

Tabloids and Newspapers nit pick everything Tori Spelling does but they need to lay off when it comes to her writing. This Blonde Mama has the knack for writing and it shows, with the release of her third book, “Uncharted Territori”. This book gives you a peek into the life of Tori Spelling and how she trys to live that “normal” Hollywood life. I’m on page 70 and it is so hard for me to put down! I love her down to earth writing style and that is exactly who she was when we met her yesterday.
After a rough start to her promo tour due to illness Tori got better just in time to meet her fans. Tori showed about a thousand of her fans love at both NY book signings on June 15-16, 2010, and of course me and my girls went to the NYC signing at Border’s, June 16th. We waited on the line in Borders for almost 4 hours bobbing and weaving out of book cases until it was our turn to meet her. It was well worth the wait!
Clad in a matching yellow, Tori and Mehran (her "gay husband") welcomed us to the table as if we were all friends. I have been to other signings and we were shooed from the table very quickly but not this time. Mehi starting chit chatting about Brooklyn and NYC and how he and Tori loved the "Floating Agate- 16-1/4" Necklace" I was wearing (thanks Shirl). We then gifted Tori and Stella pieces from an upcoming line of accessories we are in the beginning stages of working on (details to come) and apparently Tori loved it saying, "Ladies this is fierce!" and said, "Oh my God, Mehi. Look!", when she realized we had made a mini version for Stella. Hope she rocks em! When the security thought we had been up there too long he then started telling us to move on but Mehran was still talking to us. Haha...It was a great experience and we all hope to meet her again real soon. They are such pleasant people that take time for their fans and that was much appreciated. Thank you Tori and Mehran!

Looks fab on you, Tori! "Fierce"
-xoxO Rae


  1. I was at this signing and Tori is amazing. Sweet as can be! And Mehi was awesome as well. I told him I wished that I had a friend like him and he said "you don't have a gay best friend?" to which I replied no- but in general, you are a great friend and I wish I had you as a friend!!! He was awesome too!

    I waited about 4 hours and it was totally worth it- by the time I got to the front, she was standing in front of the table and it was crazy to be standing next to her. I loved her previous books and I am sure this one is great too. Thanks for posting this!

  2. no them too!!! rae did a great job with this post :)