Monday, June 28, 2010


Is short hair fit for everyone? It's a risk that alot of people are not willing to take and I can understand why :) but it's one that I took. I was the girl who always wore a ponytail, so I thought why not snip it off. This bright idea didnt come about until I was 21 years old I believe. I remember seeing a photograph of a short blonde haircut that victoria beckham was sporting and I fell in love. I immediately went salon hopping :), few months later I got the haircut and dot get me wrong I loved it BUT...the minute I was face to face with my new look in the mirror I wanted to go shorter into a pixie cut and believe it or not in a few blinks of an eye thats exactly what I did. I havent looked back since and its been about 3 years now. I just seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Now when my hair is only 4 or 5 inches long I think its too long, time for a haircut. Who knows maybe in a couple more years I will want to grow it back but right now I highly doubt it, im already thinking about how I will look with short gray hair:)

Below is Victoria Beckham's cut that started it all for me:

Just a few pixie Hollywood cuts that are just "CLASSIC":




Who's willing to take that risk?


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