Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spelling Mania

Tori Spelling, daughter of Aron Spelling and Candy Spelling. We all recognize her for playing the famed character of "Donna Martin" in the hip TV series from the 1990's "90210", she has definitely come a long way from that status. On top of being known as an actress Spelling is now a wife to Dean Mcdermott, mommy to Liam and Stella (aka monkey and ladybug) former owner of "Chateau La Rue" , a best selling author of (Stori Telling, Mommywood, Uncharted Territori and Presenting Tallulah), jewelry designer, clothing designer for "Little Maven", minister and last but I know not least, event planner. Tori Spelling is an inspiration to all women and Mommy's out there. She doesn't let anything hold her back from trying and accomplishing all her ventures. In life we will come across different obstacles but you have to pick up and keep going as she did for example with the french fry business. Tori Spelling is definitely making her mark, it's about time she gets a Star. Did I mention that we are obsessed with her show on Oxygen. Haven't missed a season yet, it's our little guilty pleasure :). Can't wait to see what's next for this multi-talented entrepreneur.
Tori Spelling Floating Agate 16-1/4" Necklace
A great addition to my jewelry collection

P.S. We can't wait to meet you at your book signing for "Uncharted Territori" tomorrow 6/16/10 at Border Bookstore at Columbus Circle in NYC baby :)

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