Sunday, March 6, 2011

Am I dreaming?- REED KRAKOFF

Thank you to Rebecca Minkoff and Saks for this wonderful experience. Because of the contest Rebecca Minkoff held, I won a $750 gift card to spend at Saks. With my sistas by my side and numerous rounds on all floors in Saks, I made my choice. Check out, what I decided to purchase-

Yes, this is the "Reed Krakoff Boxer l bag" featured in the ad campaigns running in all the magazine this spring. I cannot believe I now own one, after clipping the ad out of magazines numerous times. Wow!

I love how the BOXER bag is not trendy, it is a timeless bag that can run through all seasons. It has a utilitarian feel but still feels sexy with the different brown and black tones and strap. Krakoff's inspiration behind the wraparound strap was the way boxers wrap their wrists before a fight. This is a brilliant way of adding a rough feel to a great feminine bag. I love it soo much and I hope I will have more Reed Krakoff pieces to add to my collection in the future. Maybe a matching wallet to go with my bag? *hint* hint* LOL! Here is a bit about Krakoff-

Reed Krakoff may sound familiar to you, he is the President and Creative Director of Coach but now creator of a self-titled brand that he started from scratch as well. His self-named brand, Reed Krakoff was launched last fall. Coach's core business is handbags and now that Krakoff has mastered accessories, he is successfully dipping into Women's Ready-to- Wear. His brand features clothing, bags, shoes, sunglasses and watches. He has minimalist instincts with a natural feel, which I love about many American Designers. And an eye for design with hidden details that are mainly visible to a professionals eye only. His use of exotic materials and designs, can't help you think you're looking at a piece of art. Like the "Asymmetrical Boar Hair Sandal" or the simple, "Sheer Wrap Panel Dress" sitting delicately on a female model. Reed Krakoff, true artist.

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