Sunday, March 21, 2010

JEGGINGS!!!.....kind of a big DEAL!!!

Finally a cool way to wear jeans and be comfy; jeggings, which are jeans that feel like leggings!!! Leggings that give the illusion of jeans haha. You can wear your tee's and shirts tucked in or out and no one would know they were leggings. They have back pockets and some even have the front pockets as well as zip included. Also, they fit true to size which is important. I recently bought a pair and although I had to do alittle dance to put them on due to my curves; once on, they were perfect. My jeggings sit on my hips/waste nicely and they fit like a glove..tight and stretchy. You can dress it up or dress it down! Here are a few shops that sell them at affordable prices...enjoy. $59.00 Quinn Dark Rinse Legging $59.00 Zelda Jean Legging $39.00 BDG Acid Wash Denim Legging

I have the urban ones above; here are my photos below!



  1. oooh I love the Urban ones..and where did you get those turquoise shoes at??? I love them o___o

  2. i love urban tooo!! the shoes i got at urban hahaha