Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hot new colors to try add to your collection that are versatile all year round, Y you ask "BECAUSE I SAID SO" :). Our two favorite brands that never seem to disappoint..."DRUM ROLL PLEASE" The magnificent OPI and the fabulous Essie. You know the saying of how certain accessories can make an outfit, well allow your polish to speak your mood and set the outfit. "NAIL POLISH THE NEW ACCESSORIES".... "DRESS UP THOSE NAILS" :). Doing our nails has become a weekly ritual, not just for me but my sister and Rae as well. It can be a very relaxing process believe it or not. Timely yes but rewarding at the end. Picking out the colors is best part. "OPI AND ESSIE, OUR NEW BEST FRIENDS"... KIDDING :)
Lilacism by essie
Tart Deco by essie
Mint Candy Apple by essi
My Chihuahua Bites by OPI
My Private Jet by OPI
Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI


All you "Alice and Wonderland" fans, I hope you celebrated the opening on March 5th 2010 by painting your nails with one or all these themed colors from OPI.

  • Thanks So Muchness
  • Absolutely Alice
  • Mad As A Hatter
  • Off With Her Red


There are no rules and regulations to wearing nail polish. Who says you have to paint your nails only one color....Here's a thought: check the picture below.

I know that this image is small :) but if you look hard enough you can see that Shirley's nails are primarily red and the ring finger is a "white out white". We have been doing this for almost two years now. It's so much of a routine now that people we are constantly around can't wait to see what colors we do next. We look forward to those questions and stares...lol.

MATTE IT: Not too fond of the glossy top coat look than matte it with " Matte About You" by Essie. This version looks just as great. Instead of High Gloss get that smooth matte finish. Works with any color.

The color featured here is Pink Parka by Essie

FIX IT: The Nail Corrector Pen by Essie...nail polish remover for " Easy Access" to those stubborn hard to reach edges.
You can find this product for a cheaper price at your local pharmacy which works just as well unless you want to splurge a little on this one by essie for a whopping $14.


Featured we have "Chin Chilly" by Essie and "You Don't Know Jacques" by OPI
...try these colors if your tired of the same old pale pink and white tones, it will bring a new meaning to the word NUDE.

Check out the article on www.whowhatweardaily.com

It wouldn't be right for me to end with out letting you know what colors I'm featuring this week :). My primary color is "My Private Jet" by OPI and my secondary color is "Bachelorette Bash" by essie.

I highly doubt it but if you can't find a color that suits you, you can always go the alternative route and do what Marc Jacobs did for his FALL 2010 show and DIY. Here is the full article, truly interesting and innovative.


What are your favorite colors? *sherry*



  1. I'm loving these shades! Going to have to try doing that "white out", such a neat idea!

  2. I really want the Alice polish!

  3. I'm currently loving Tart Deco... essie.

  4. I'm going to try that color next :) (Tart Deco)