Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Photo Flash From The Past

Photography is a pastime that the three of us share a passion for. If we could build our own dark room we would :). I miss being in one sooo much...despite all the bad odor from the chemicals lol it can be a very therapeutic process. These days it's all about the "DIGITAL CAMERA". Don't get me wrong I do own a digital SLR but you best believe I still have my manual SLR. I would definitely use it a lot more often if I had access to a dark room. I should really start inquiring about dark room rentals if that even exits lol. Having the experience of seeing an image I took come to life is more appealing than letting a machine do it. The process you go through with the film to manually load, process and develop it, is just AMAZING!! to me...I want to take the time to appreciate some images from the past from one of my favorite series called "Portraits". These images were taken about three years ago... I THINK LOL... of course my ladies were the models...check it out :).

Fierceness....this was wall was working for us....P.S. thanx Rae

Believe it or not these shots were taken inside BARUCH COLLEGE...."make it work"

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