Wednesday, November 18, 2009


When reading about our sign, we realized how much it relates to us; it describes us to a tee with minor flaws in it haha...some of the many things I read are that virgos are thought to be creative, observant..I feel we've always been creative even in our degree choices. We all started in marketing with a minor in photography. I changed mine to graphic design; at the time I thought it was the end of the world haha because I was the only one changing but it ended up being the best decision for me..I'm happy. Being observant I feel is a great trait we all have because we, most of the time can spot things that aren't right and are perfectionist in things we do...some people find that annoying haha but its a great trait...and we don't care! =) We are talented, hardworking, easy going, easy to work with, funny, and we are not quitters. When it comes to our styles we are fashionable but not too flashy...we are trendsetters but have our own individual styles even though we like the same things..we like to shop at stores and boutiques, that are in our price range, where we can have fun styling our selves and occasionally do looks for less!! =) Things that go with our character and personality when it comes to fashion, which I think we can all agree, are vintage-like costume jewelry and looks; fun classy with some edge. We love or tees and jeans, blazers and love love love our boots!!! haha..Some designers that we admire that capture our individual styles are, among the many, Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney, DVF, Jill Stuart, Donna Karan, Anna Sui, etc. Below I added a few looks from Zac, Marc and Jills Spring/Summer 2010 Collection that caught my eye and our style...ENJOY!!!

Jill Stuart S/S 2010 (pix from

Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S 2010 (pix from

Zac Posen S/S 2010 (pix from the

P.S. any other virgos at heart out there =)


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