Friday, February 25, 2011

6 Shore Road Fall 2011 Presentation ... In Full Effect!

What a drool fest this presentation was. I don't think we've been to a presentation where we literally wanted EVERYTHING!!! It was an "ooohhh", an "aaahhh", and an "omg". It's definitely hard to choose a here are all the looks below. Designer and founder Pooja Kharbanda definitely hit it on the nail! Le Maison = Success!

"Inspired by champagne & chandeliers at the Cristal Room Baccarat in Paris"

Don't forget to check out the site and the blog!

*Trois Femmes*


  1. Too many great photos on this blog ladies!! Um Hills girls everywhere plus models galore. What more could a reader ask for?

  2. Wow those models are beautiful!! And are those meatballs that were on that fancy plate with the sticks in it?? XD

  3. Haha! Thanks, Meagan.

    G-Yes, I believe those were meatballs. LOL

    xO Rae