Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Who Will Be ANTM?"

We are down to the final five girls who are now in New Zealand. This is when the competition gets tougher and when you can kind of get a sense of who might become America's Next Top Model. Our pick for Cycle 14 has to be the stunning Raina, the 22 year old from Minnetonka Minnesota. She definitely stands out from the rest with her strong features and remarkable resemblance to Brooke Shields. Raina continues to deliver episode after episode. She was one of our top picks from the beginning, so it's good to see her still in the running. All our other picks were gone within the first few Stay to tuned Wednesday nights at 8:00 pm to see if Raina become America's Next Top Model of Cycle 14.

Who's your favorite girls? *sherry*


  1. She's the most ANTM-winner type. My top picks were also eliminated pretty quickly (Naduah, Gabrielle, Ren, Simone), but this has been a weak season—relying more on (immature/confrontational) personality rather than modeling talent. I mean...come on: