Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What ever happened to "GIRL TALK"?

(Love the Middle Picture that Shirl snapped, Khloe is gangsta hahaa)

Today I had a special lunch break with a trip to Madison Square Park in NYC. Khloe Kardashian has teamed up with "U by Kotex" and was there to spread the word that more girls should feel comfortable talking about Real things that happen to them, like getting your period. Khloe was the perfect person to get this campaign, "The Declaration of Real Talk", out to the public. She has no problem speaking what is on her mind and tells it like it is.
So, at 1:45pm today, Me and Shirley met at the park to see Khloe hammer down a wall full of feminine care euphemisms like "Vajayjay" & "Gift". She got that wall down in no time with a sledgehammer while rocking a hot red dress and construction helmet. We tried to get some nice photos of her but couldn't get too close, we got awesome shots of her bestie, Malika. Hope we get the chance to meet Khloe again with our girl Sherry.
To hear more about REAL stories and answers to young lady's questions log on to Khloe's site and watch the videos. (
(Malika peeking at Khloe doing press interviews, she was so sweet)
-xoxO Rae


  1. she really is the perfect woman for the campaign. nothing is off limits with her!

  2. I actually like Khloe! Great snaps x

  3. Thank you Devon. I love how candid she is Danielle, great choice by Kotex!

  4. She really is the perfect choice for this campaign. She is so real.

  5. I love Khloe! Well I love all 3 Kardashian sisters but it is true, she always speaks her mind lol
    That 3rd picture of her is so cute. The graffiti also looks cute, too cute to hammer down :(

  6. great post and nice blog :)

    D e g a i n e

  7. thanks a bunch farah :) we like your blog as well,im actually looking at it right now while i should be working and im loving every single one of your MY STYLE. YOUR MUSE posts. :)