Monday, July 4, 2011

Beyonce- LOVE ON TOP

Today was a fun and different 4th of July. No BBQ's for us. Besides hitting up our local diner with my Mom and our bestie Tye for some lunch, the day started with a photo shoot (for a twitter contest) and ended with some ice cream. Can it get any better?!

Now you guys should already know, I (Rae) have been a HUGE fan of Destiny's Child from the beginning and this contest was so much fun & right up my alley! Beyonce and her stylist, Ty were running a twitter contest and the winners receive a signed copy of Beyonce's new album, 4! The contest was to recreate a photo from the "4" Album booklet. With the help of my chicas, Sherr (taking the photos) and Shirl (doing her magic on the computer) the end result was great. Even if I don't win, I had so much fun shooting this in the scorching heat Haha! And I want to thank Ty & Beyonce (2 of the sweetest people you will ever meet) for holding this contest. They choose the winners tomorrow! Thank you to everyone that Re tweeted my photo and showed me luv! Much Appreciated!!! xO!

*trois femmes

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