Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Skinny Purse Win- Summer Bag

At the end of April, Linea Pelle & Skinny Purse teamed up to give one lucky reader a new Linea Pelle Handbag. The winner was announced, and it was me! Was shocked and so thankful because a summer handbag was much needed. My win- A Linea Pelle Addison Speedy Handbag!
Love the color and long buckle strap on the bag, along with all the pockets. I will get so much use out of my new purse this summer. Thank you Linea Pelle and Skinny Purse! xO

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*trois femmes


  1. Oh my god you three girls always look so amazing. I have a laugh every time I stop in because I feel like I can hear your voices, or think of the conversation you must have been having when you took the photos. Lucky girl, the purse is gorgeous.

    Meag xx