Friday, May 6, 2011

Marie Claire Office Visit

[Rae, Nina Garcia (Fashion Director at Marie Claire), Sherr]

What an experience it surreal-

Thank you, aka @BoutiquesStyles for the chance to visit the Marie Claire Office in NYC. Back in February during Fashion Week, @BoutiquesStyles asked a series of questions to their twitter followers throughout Fashion Week and the first to answer correctly won. I got lucky and won the opportunity, not only to visit the Marie Claire office, but get a tour of the amazing fashion closet, that would make any fashionista drool. Also to Meet & Greet, Editor-in-Chief-Joanna Coles and receive an annual subscription to the magazine. I would like to thank the team for allowing Sherry to join me, unfortunately Shirley couldn't get out of work this past Thursday to come along.

Walking into the office, we were in awe of the floor to ceiling windows with Sunny NYC as the backdrop. We would not mind coming into work everyday with that view. Elizabeth Wheelis, the Personal Intern for Senior Fashion Editor (Zanna Roberts Rassi) at Marie Claire greeted me and Sherr and showed us around the very big office. First stop was the Fashion Closet, very organized with racks of clothes and walls of shoes/accessories for upcoming shoots. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and kudos to the fashion closet team for keeping it looking neat!

We then made our rounds around the office meeting and greeting staff in their cubicles, from Joanna Cole's executive assistant- Sergio Kletnoy to one of my fashion inspirations, the Senior Fashion Editor-Zanna Roberts Rassi. It was then time to step into the office of Joanna Coles. To our surprise Nina Garcia was already in her office and we are grateful they both took the time out of their schedules to chit chat with us. Joanna gave us hope that we too can have a great job in the fashion industry, like herself. Persistence does pay off!

Was a pleasure meeting all of you and we hope to visit again one day. Hopefully next time, less nervous. Haha! Thank you, Marie Claire Team! xO

*trois femmes

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  1. That is awesome gurls!