Sunday, August 1, 2010

Grown Woman

It has been a while since an update, so here is a little something somthing for you guys to check out...The new single from the talented and beautiful Miss Kelly Rowland entitled "Grown Woman". Available on iTunes this Tuesday, August 3rd. Check it out! More to come on this lovely lady and upcoming album release real soon!




  1. Your only winning the Coach Poppy Contest because you keep tweeting about yourself. No one comments on your posts, your posts aren't interesting, and you have almost no followers. Besides that, you have no creativity. You've been posting on here, spanning over two years and haven't personalized it a bit. Do you think Coach will even accept you as the winner when they see that the only people who supported, tweeted about and visited your blog was you? Its pathetic. Especially when this is a contest for the best site, which out of the 300 entered, yours clearly isn't even close to best. What your doing is shameful and your cheating. Its honestly sad. I'm not even close to winning, but at least I know I'm being fair. I would never cheat like you guys are. If I could report you, I would.

  2. The comment above is from a wordpress blog that has my same name (I used blogger) --- I'm so very sorry that someone posted a hurtful post about you using a similar sign in name.

    Best of luck to you in the Poppy Project!

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