Sunday, February 21, 2010

Farewell to Bryant Park!!

Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010 has come and gone already!!! The hustle and bustle of models, designers, celebs and photographers...but for some crazy reason we felt right at home. This season we are sad to say is the last at Bryant Park!!! The new location will be Lincoln Center. We will definitely miss the tents!!! Bryant Park will always be associated with "The Tents" =(. It's what fashion week in NYC is known for and it will be missed. Waiting outside to take photos from the models to the celebs. The rush is the best especially when you get a better shot than the paparazzi hahaha. We've been taking pics during fashion week since Spring/Summer 06. We've all had a chance to experience a show or two during fashion week whether it was at the tents or somewhere else and it never gets tired. Maybe the new location won't be so bad, who knows..but I kinda wish they eventually go back Bryant Park!! Heres just a handful of the many many pics we've taken from this season and the Spring/Summer 2010 season in September. Enjoy!!

and me, Shirley



  1. Wow, awesome. How did you guys get in on the fashion week action?

  2. I just got goosebumps reading this post. FW at the tents will be missed. It took a lot of layers and determination in the winter months and a lot of water and patience in the heat. I have to add the photo of me and Sherr bundled like snowbunnies during one show hahaa...
    -xoxO Rae

  3. to piscescancer: outside the tents you basically have free access to snap pics!!! soo much fun...the nicer you are the more you get and thats what separates you from the paparazzis..they are ruthless lol...but still fun experience!!

    to Rae: def add that pic hahaha

  4. It's so bittersweet this year to see Fashion Week end, considering that it won't be held in Bryant Park next time around. Gorgeous pictures!! :)

  5. thats so true Erika..thanks im glad you like them =)

  6. Ack, this is a delayed response, but this is Pinar just so you guys know. I like your blog.