Monday, November 29, 2010

Lowkey Turkey Day

_________ (DKNY Shoes, H&M Sweats, Gifted 3.1 phillip lim top, Forever21 Ring)

It was a quiet Turkey Day at home with my fam. Started the day running around for last minute ingredients and watching "Home for the Holidays"(a must see every Thanksgiving). Decked out in no other than sweat pants, to fit all the food I planned to eat. We made our traditional dishes and topped it off with coconut custard pie for dessert and we were all stuffed and in a food coma by the end of the night. Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and got to spend it with loved ones. I hope next year Trois Femmes can dine together at Sherr's new apt.
xoxO Rae

Thursday, November 25, 2010


(Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in Nov. 1934-originally known as The Macy's Christmas Parade)

Trois Femmes would like to wish all of our readers a Happy Thanksgiving. May you get to spend it with family, friends and lots of yummy food. The one time of year it is okay to stuff your face. Remember to wear appropriate Turkey Day Wear-tights, dresses, sweat pants or even a pair of glamorous PJ's (if you're home). Now eat up! Enjoy! =)~

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Yesterday was such a nice day, I was able to wear a pair of shorts! NY weather is so up and down sometimes I don't know what to put on. So I took full advantage and dressed as if it were spring time. Unfortunately the lukewarm weather didn't last because today was windy and cold!

Leather Jacket- Victoria's Secret; Scarf, Tights, Shirt, Ring(red)- H&M; Shorts- American Eagle Outfitters; Boots- Steve Madden; Bag- Madison Shoulder Bag courtesy of Coach; Silver Ring- Elizabeth and James


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Game Face-Lanvin is out in H&M!

Saturday-November 20th, 2010, the day Lanvin hits H&M stores acoss the US. Me and my ladies hoped in the car and made it to the H&M on Lexington & 51st street in NYC about 7:30am, in hopes to get our hands on the Lanvin for H&M Leopard shoes! The line was not too bad, we were smack in the middle. About 10 minutes later, employees were handing out complimentary croissants & coffee (from this cool looking backpack that we agreed is a must have! LOL). Then came the rules and wristbands for the women's collection (Men's collection was up for grabs to the masses)- Each wristband was color coded with the store code and a different time you were allowed to shop the collection (every 15 mins). This was to make it fair to the shoppers and prevent people from store hopping from one H&M to another. There were a few who tried to sneak there way in line to get more items with wristbands from other stores. Our time was 10:45am and no earlier! We nervously watched the collection dwindle, right before our eyes. The Sunglasses gone, with a blink of an eye. By the time our 10:45 slot was called to venture into the roped off Lanvin area, a lot was gone. We managed to pick up the last pair of Leopard shoes in a size 8, red lipstick and each of us got one of the totes, to support UNICEF.
xoxO Rae

Fall Colors

Last weekend, it felt like an extended Indian Summer. Went for my usual Sunday stroll with Mum for breakfast and coffee and the weather was gorgeous. It was even warm enought o strip my jacket off. I noticed the trees surrounding the Church, still had leaves left and wanted to share the folliage. Just love this time of year!

xoxO Rae

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall, Is That Still You

For one thing, I am not complaining...this morning was the perfect morning for a short photo shoot before work...."LITERALLY", because of the time change when I get out of work it's already dark out. I'm absorbing as much of this weather before winter comes strolling in. :( Even the trees are naked I'm still loving the color of the leaves on the ground, makes me want to play around in them. "ALMOST". Side bar: doesn't the beautiful weather just make my new Coach items look just GREAT...:)

(jacket & dress: FOREVER 21, tights: URBAN OUTFITTERS, ring: ELIZABETH AND JAMES double chevron sapphire, bag and boots: courtesy of COACH madison leather large shoulder bag and liana )

a quick thanks to my bf vic and co-worker francheska for the pictures.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby, It's Not Too Cold Outside

It's when you're all bundled up and take your first step outside, you realize you are overly dressed! These past few days in NYC have been unseasonable mild. Usually once Halloween arrives I don't leave home without a hat. This morning, the heat from the radiators filled the house-so I thought it would be a chilly start to the morning. I was wrong, today was another gorgeous day. I may have been a bit bundled with a hat and scarf but I'm sure not complaining about the mild air. Let's hope it continues for a bit longer 8)
(H&M Scarf, Jeans and Shirt; Coach Boyfriend Bracelet Watch courtesy of Coach; Forever21 Hat; Vintage Belt; Shoes bought at a boutique on vacation in New Hope)

xoxO Rae