Monday, June 28, 2010


Is short hair fit for everyone? It's a risk that alot of people are not willing to take and I can understand why :) but it's one that I took. I was the girl who always wore a ponytail, so I thought why not snip it off. This bright idea didnt come about until I was 21 years old I believe. I remember seeing a photograph of a short blonde haircut that victoria beckham was sporting and I fell in love. I immediately went salon hopping :), few months later I got the haircut and dot get me wrong I loved it BUT...the minute I was face to face with my new look in the mirror I wanted to go shorter into a pixie cut and believe it or not in a few blinks of an eye thats exactly what I did. I havent looked back since and its been about 3 years now. I just seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Now when my hair is only 4 or 5 inches long I think its too long, time for a haircut. Who knows maybe in a couple more years I will want to grow it back but right now I highly doubt it, im already thinking about how I will look with short gray hair:)

Below is Victoria Beckham's cut that started it all for me:

Just a few pixie Hollywood cuts that are just "CLASSIC":




Who's willing to take that risk?


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"DJ Just Play that Song Cause I Want to Be Dancing All Night Long"

Brooklyn Bowl-
61 Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
One block from the Waterfront
June 18th, 2010

Brooklyn Bowl is the definition of 21st century entertainment. With a 16-lane bowling alley, a bar, music (live band or dj) and food by Blue Ribbon Restaurant (delish!), what more can you ask for? But the evening got even better for me that night when one of my favorite entertainers made an appearance and did her thang on the 1's & 2's- SOLANGE KNOWLES!
Solange took us back to the 80's that night with clips from Soul Train on the jumbo TV screens & some classics being spun from Hip Hop, Rock, R&B, a bit of it all. Her DJ Set included Salt n Pepa's "Push It", Lauryn Hill's "Doo Wop (That Thing)", Prince's "When Doves Cry", "Fancy Footwork" from Chromeo and hits from Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson and Mase. At one point the whole floor started doing the Electric Slide and Solange said, "You know its a party when everyone is up doing the Electric Slide". It felt like a total party that night and everyone was boogieing down! I especially loved when she made us "Jump!", that totally took me back.
The only thing I regret that night is not getting a picture with Solange. Other than that me and my girls (Sherr, Shirl & Tye) had a blast. Stuffed from Blue Ribbon Cuisine and grooved to great music spun by Miss Knowles. I even love the fact that her stylist and friend,Ty (Tyrone) came out to show love. If I had the dough I would love to book Solange to do our 25th b-day in September (wishful thinking). Hope this will not be the last I get to see Solange spin because she was fab!

-xoxO Rae

Friday, June 18, 2010

House of Harlow 1960 Cabochon Stone Bangle

May 3rd 2010 I turned out to be the contest winner for the contest and held for two House of Harlow 1960 pieces that they carried. I chose the Cabochon Stone Bangle in Red and Green and I love them to pieces. I'm already trying to match them to my wardrobe. These bangles are greatly appreciated and I will rock them all summer and after that of course. :) Thanks a bunch Shelley for all your help. *sherry*

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spelling Mania on the East Coast

Tabloids and Newspapers nit pick everything Tori Spelling does but they need to lay off when it comes to her writing. This Blonde Mama has the knack for writing and it shows, with the release of her third book, “Uncharted Territori”. This book gives you a peek into the life of Tori Spelling and how she trys to live that “normal” Hollywood life. I’m on page 70 and it is so hard for me to put down! I love her down to earth writing style and that is exactly who she was when we met her yesterday.
After a rough start to her promo tour due to illness Tori got better just in time to meet her fans. Tori showed about a thousand of her fans love at both NY book signings on June 15-16, 2010, and of course me and my girls went to the NYC signing at Border’s, June 16th. We waited on the line in Borders for almost 4 hours bobbing and weaving out of book cases until it was our turn to meet her. It was well worth the wait!
Clad in a matching yellow, Tori and Mehran (her "gay husband") welcomed us to the table as if we were all friends. I have been to other signings and we were shooed from the table very quickly but not this time. Mehi starting chit chatting about Brooklyn and NYC and how he and Tori loved the "Floating Agate- 16-1/4" Necklace" I was wearing (thanks Shirl). We then gifted Tori and Stella pieces from an upcoming line of accessories we are in the beginning stages of working on (details to come) and apparently Tori loved it saying, "Ladies this is fierce!" and said, "Oh my God, Mehi. Look!", when she realized we had made a mini version for Stella. Hope she rocks em! When the security thought we had been up there too long he then started telling us to move on but Mehran was still talking to us. Haha...It was a great experience and we all hope to meet her again real soon. They are such pleasant people that take time for their fans and that was much appreciated. Thank you Tori and Mehran!

Looks fab on you, Tori! "Fierce"
-xoxO Rae

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spelling Mania

Tori Spelling, daughter of Aron Spelling and Candy Spelling. We all recognize her for playing the famed character of "Donna Martin" in the hip TV series from the 1990's "90210", she has definitely come a long way from that status. On top of being known as an actress Spelling is now a wife to Dean Mcdermott, mommy to Liam and Stella (aka monkey and ladybug) former owner of "Chateau La Rue" , a best selling author of (Stori Telling, Mommywood, Uncharted Territori and Presenting Tallulah), jewelry designer, clothing designer for "Little Maven", minister and last but I know not least, event planner. Tori Spelling is an inspiration to all women and Mommy's out there. She doesn't let anything hold her back from trying and accomplishing all her ventures. In life we will come across different obstacles but you have to pick up and keep going as she did for example with the french fry business. Tori Spelling is definitely making her mark, it's about time she gets a Star. Did I mention that we are obsessed with her show on Oxygen. Haven't missed a season yet, it's our little guilty pleasure :). Can't wait to see what's next for this multi-talented entrepreneur.
Tori Spelling Floating Agate 16-1/4" Necklace
A great addition to my jewelry collection

P.S. We can't wait to meet you at your book signing for "Uncharted Territori" tomorrow 6/16/10 at Border Bookstore at Columbus Circle in NYC baby :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Prom For Less "REVISITED"

Early last month May 5, 2010 to be exact Rae did a post called "Prom Dresses For Less". Well, funny story Wednesday June 9, 2010 I went to the mall with a friend of mine, Keisha to shop for a prom dress for her daughter Destiny's junior high prom. And where did we end up, Forever 21 of course. After trying on dress after dress she finally went with the last dress that fit her petite frame perfectly even though she refused several times to try it on but she gave in eventually. I can be very persuasive and when I have a vision it's hard to step away from it. You would of thought that i had a daughter going to prom. I can't help it, any chance I get to style someone I'll take it. But here's the kicker the shopping trip was soo last minute that I didn't even think to refer to Rae's list from Forever 21. Destiny ended up choosing the second look from Rae's list, The Taffeta Ballerina Dress. My sister was the one who brought it to my attention the following day while she was at work doing her daily check of our blog :). Could it have been fate, lol, ok no it was just a coincidence. Check out the look we came up with in literally two days that screams Destiny's personality to a "T". Soo glad we didn't go with the Tiara girl :). Destiny danced the night away at her prom on Friday June 11, 2010.
Shoes: Domiano from SPRING
Headband: Anna Belen (no website available)
Necklace Earrings Bracelet & Purse: Her mom's jewelry


Monday, June 7, 2010


SUMMERTIME! SUMMERTIME! you can almost smell it in the air. Last year we had a late start to summer so hopefully this time around it last longer. We are extremely ready to embrace some fun in the sun with open arms. Picnics, barbeque's, ice cream cones and shakes, Nathan's hot dog eating competition at coney island, hitting the sand at the beach, weekend road trips, wow the list can go on and on. June 21st couldn't come fast enough. Personally I think we are off to a good start. :)