Monday, December 7, 2009

Restaurants We Love!!!

Eating out in NYC...hello, it's great!!! So much variety even for a picky eater like me. I can say we've been to quite a few places mainly for brunch, than occasional lunch or dinner. Some of the places rarely disappoint, but we do have our favorites, among the many are a few and some of our pics plus just a few i grabbed from the wonderful world wide web...enjoy.


156 7th avenue New York, NY 10011
Great for desserts and drinks for a night out with the ladies. They are not cheap with the portions! =) Its also a great place to have lunch inside and on a nice day, outside.

Hells Kitchen
523 9th avenue New York, NY 10018
The brunch was delicious, but it was a bit too cold inside to the point where we couldn't take our coats off. The design of the place was like several garage doors opening to the outside seating.


178 9th avenue (bet. 20th and 21st St) New York, NY 10011
Sandwiches were a good enough size and tasty; the atmosphere was like we were sitting at home having lunch..very antiqy. I especially loved the exposed brick walls. The desserts were amazing!

The Park

118 10th avenue, New York, NY 10011 (@ 18th street)

I miss going to The Park...I just realized we didn't go this summer. You definitely feel like you're in a park, but inside. Great decor. The banana nut bread (which is complimentary) is to die for. The breakfast was good, the lunch was good as complaints and you get a postcard when you leave. =)

Pop Burger with (Pop Burger Lounge inside)
58-60 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10011 and also 14 E 58th Street, New York, NY 10022
The mini burgers with a side of fries or onions or even a mix are the perfect portion for lunch (my favorite on the menu) and I can't forget to mention how finger licking good they are!! Whether you go to the restaurant or the lounge in the back you'll still have a good time, good food and good well spent.

Brooklyn Bowl
61 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211 (Williamsburg)
Awesome hangout spot...It screams brooklyn can bowl, listen to good music; huge dance floor, good food (love the fries!!), drinks and most importantly a good time. =)

Southern Hospital

1460 2nd avenue, New York, NY 10075 (between 76th and 77th street)

Cool casual dining. Good bbq to throw down on. The restaurant is very brick, flat screen tvs, bar. It's for the guys and girls. Expect to get your fingers dirty and leave full. =)

The Lodge
318 Grand Street, Brooklyn NY 11211 (Williamsburg)
You actually feel like you went camping when you're sitting in their..log seating and wooden tables; tree stumb like tables; cozy. They have great selections, the pancakes are divine!!! The portions can hold you until dinner time =)

1901 Emmons Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11236
We ate here last year for our 23rd bday..and all in all the food and atmosphere was great..the chef was cool too..the only down fall was the table being a bit too large; the square shape made it hard to converse with everyone without projecting alittle haha.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Annual Christmas Dinner

(Us Ladies who put this all together)

Our 3rd Annual Christmas Dinner is almost here!!! (dEC 26TH, 2009)


Every year me and the ladies get together and invite a few of our close friends & whip up something special in the kitchen for all to share. We started this tradition a few years ago and we're on our 3rd one. Our first dinner we made a bunch of different things from lasagna, meat balls to Kentucky Fried Chicken. A little bit of everything with way too many desserts. It was a sweets overload.

( 1 Annual dinner- so much food)
Our second dinner we tried to be a bit more focused and had a Mexican theme. We made chicken Mole, Empanadas, Rice and of course many desserts. To our surprise all the food turned out to be tasty. The only downfall was all of us scrambling in the kitchen preparing many dishes and my brother leaving early because he was sick.
(our Mexican Theme with our effort to cut back on desserts)
This year we're going the Asian route. Making egg rolls, fortune cookies and lots more surprises. It will be a huge success if all the invitees show up, nobody feels ill and everyone sits down and enjoys a nice meal and good company. Oh yeah, and can't forget, SECRET SANTA! I already bought my $15 max. gift.
(opening our gifts during our 1st dinner)

Anyone have ideas on traditional Asian dishes to make?
-xoxO RAE